Infectious Germ Removal

We Clinically Disinfect Everywhere.

Houses, Workplaces, Schools, Medical Facilities, Nursing Homes, Fitness Centers, Clubs, Vehicles, Yachts, Synagogues, Churches, Commercial Buildings, and More.

Currently Serving Greater Tampa Bay Area


Certified in sanitization as well as licensed and insured.

Safely Sanitize offers options and solutions for everyone.

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Our professional services

Safely Sanitize

Safely Sanitize performs bacteria testing of high and low contact surfaces to determine hot spots in your business. This testing enables us to first target and eliminate bacteria, mold, and viruses, and then protect all surfaces with our “up to 90 day” protection spray. Electromagnetic sprayers are used to disinfect small and large areas alike to provide thorough coverage.  

+ Plus Package

In addition to Safely Sanitize, we offer customers the option for services on a quarterly basis with our +Plus Package.

  • Quarterly sanitization schedule
  • Continued bacteria testing to monitor safety levels
  • Customer assurance tools (table tents and stickers)
  • Video of your facility being sanitized - Post on your website and/or social media for marketing your business

Our Mission

Safely Sanitize USA has one goal – help slow down COVID19’s pandemic growth. With our decontamination products, we set up a defense system against corona viruses and many other infectious pathogens known to gravely endanger our health.


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Benefits of our decontamination services:

  • Preventive sanitization against microbes on surfaces, furniture, fixtures, equipment, and personal belongings such as toys and devices
  • Disinfection of contaminated surfaces, furniture, fixtures, etc.
  • Lasting anti-microbial coatings to keep surfaces protected
  • Infection control that outperforms ordinarily used household disinfectants

Amid this volatile time when we are watching the devasting impact from COVID19, measures to slow it down are our best… and only options.